I arrived at my first trip destination and let me tell just you one thing: switching beds is hell. I slept horribly. Hell also is hurting yourself with own luggig

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Today I finished 2 books. Dave Barry is the worst author I have ever encountered and "S H I B U M I" one of the worst books (by Trevanian, not Dave Barry.) The only positive thing I can say after reading Shibumi is that it cracks me up to whisper "shaboomi..." to myself as I am going about my business

My flight got cancelled. I'm going tomorrow instead. Actually good; I was tired and not ready

One thing about this app I'm using for mobile mastodon is that it would be cool if you could queue posts.

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You would think not the work laptop, and I would as well, but 18 days is a long time!!!!

I'm packing for an 18 day trip. Yesterday I was having an absolute crisis about it, but today it's very straightforward and I'm pretty much done. Can't decide which laptop I should bring: the shit ass worktop with 100,000 files I haven't backed up or the clean new baby laptop.

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Also recent: Saw Terracotta Warrior exhibit that's in town last weekend, then Starred War a couple day ago. As always, I am continuing art and punishing/necessary recovery journeys.

Ok, here's what happened recently: I visited my family for 2 weeks, had awful fever at 4:30am on the same day MAGfest started, won the Yoshi's Cookie open tournament there, and then had to be on bed rest for 14 days after we got back to our apartment. Aside from health issues, I was very happy with my trip!!!!

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Mystery cold has struck? I had the tiniest sore throat for like a day but really bad intermittent aches/exhaustion after that. No other symptoms

I was THIS close to sending it back. The design takes up so much vertical space that I can't shorten the hem. But the photos are convincing me to keep it.

Whoops, forgot to crosspost these last night. I will receive this shirt for holidays but don't know that it will fit since it's mens' small. So I was drawing it to think about how I should style/alter it.

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