Just responded to third headhunter in the last two weeks .. "I just changed assignment and technologies, I'm up to eye-balls in interesting problems and solutions, so thanks, but no thanks -- but I'd like to stay in touch, thing might change. // Christopher"

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... or similar, I've kinda have this standard response for recruiters/headhunters .. they are constantly nibbling at me, offering really sweet positions .. but at the same time, I like stability and current workplace is good, 7 years in says that .. so I really have no reason to move around.

I've never before worked with such a clever bunch of people, nerdery is widely accepted and even encouraged .. as it might carry over to actual work .. smart and funny coworkers, everybody cares for eachother.

I've been a really toxic workplaces before, dog eat dog, anything for profit or personal success .. while trampling others.

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