Whenever our family is traveling (which happens quite a bit when half of our relatives are located on another continent, southeast Asia) there is always a level of chaos present, either planned chaos or unexpected -- a mix of both. Previously our son was small, 5 yro, but nowadays he's almost 8, with a strong will of his own .. which makes things even more chaotic. We are slightly more "dynamic", and go with changes while son needs plans and schedules, if things deviate - confusion.

With an ADHD diagnose, we have to adjust and tweak plans gently, lots of explanations of why and how things are going to be done. He's getting used to less-than-firm plans, but there is still some moments of uncertainty where we basically urge him to jump, into whatever new direction we need to go.

Now we're set up in a nice hotel room, just showered and enjoying the AC as today is blistering hot, 32°C ..

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