I'm enjoying "Let's Go" by @a@twitter.com
jmedwards so much that I'm working through it during my Christmas holidays: lets-go.alexedwards.net

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Ich habe Freunde, die mich wie einen Gott behandeln. Sie ignorieren mich so lange, bis sie etwas brauchen.

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COWORKER: we need to find the root cause asap
ME: *takes long drag* the root cause is that our processes are not robust enough to prevent a person from making this mistake
COWORKER: amy please not right now

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The way ‘jobs’ are presented as something that ‘the people' demand is disingenuous. A human mind is a very precious thing. For a government, waste of a mind is the biggest waste. Keeping people cognitively engaged should be a first class concern of governments.

“If our economy of freedom fails to distribute wealth as ably as it has created it, the road to dictatorship will be open to any man who can persuasively promise security to all; and a martial government, under whatever charming phrases, will engulf the democratic world.”

“Every advance in the complexity of the economy puts an added premium upon superior ability, and intensifies the concentration of wealth, responsibility, and political power.”

“The Lessons Of History” strike again: “Economic freedom, even in the middle classes, becomes more and more exceptional, making political freedom a consolatory pretense.”

Very interesting read on concurrency primitives by @vorpalsmith@twitter.com: "Notes on structured concurrency, or: Go statement considered harmful"


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37, the age at which Grace Hopper joined the Navy, learned logic and later invented the compiler. Its never too late to start on something new in your life.

One of many quotes from "The Lessons of History" that I've been pondering lately:

"History in the large is the conflict of minorities; the majority applauds the victor and supplies the human material of social experiment."

"If you do what everyone else is doing, you shouldn’t be surprised to get the same results everyone else is getting."


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