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Wenn du mit Chrome auf einem Apple-Rechner etwas bei Amazon bestellst und die Bestellbestätigung in Outlook liest, dann haben wenigstens alle was von deinen Daten.

Detained 'drug smuggler' cat escapes Sri Lanka prison. And in the same article: "Police last week seized an eagle allegedly used by drug traffickers to distribute narcotics in a suburb of Colombo."

What's this, Zootopia R-Rated edition? 😸🦅

More than 40% of Bay Area tech workers would leave the area for somewhere less expensive if they were asked to work from home forever, a new survey found

MOnSter 6502: A dis-integrated circuit project to make a complete, working transistor-scale replica of the classic MOS 6502 microprocessor.

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Expirmenting with using "Conventional Comments" on my PR reviews, liking it so far:

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Von all den "Geschenken für Coronahelden" kam übrigens nie was bei rum, kein kostenloser Urlaub, kein Bonus, keine neue Brille. 45 Euro bekommen bei uns in der Klinik Vollzeitbeschäftigte jetzt brutto pro Monat wegen Corona mehr.

Am Ende haben uns alle vergessen und verarscht.

"If you’re disappointed that this is what there’s an entire blog post about, you probably haven’t tried to write a shell." 😂

Zsh and Fish’s simple but clever trick for highlighting missing linefeeds

How the Nintendo Switch prevents downgrades by irreparably blowing its own fuses

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TIL the kid of the president of Argentina is nonbinary and does drag and cosplay they ROCK jvkdfjsdkfjkfjksdjf

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