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me: CPUID?
you: 'it's hammer time'
me: oh ok.

Really clicking with F# it seems. Started learning it about a month ago, today wrote a parser that pretty much worked on first try.

Why Does Windows Really Use Backslash as Path Separator? | OS/2 Museum buff.ly/2VO4uus

Gamasutra: Doctor Ludos's Blog - Making a Game Boy game in 2017: A "Sheep It Up!" Post-Mortem (part 1/2) buff.ly/2X5BXSw

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“Research Confirms That No One Is Really Thinking About You” by Deb Knobelman, PhD link.medium.com/nvepZcFjYW

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Literary agent: Pitch me.
Me: It’s a long magnum opus about a manager, Ahab, and his ceaseless search for a developer who can do both front and back-end work for a fraction of the market rate. When Ahab finally hires him, he breaks prod. It’s called Moby Dev.
Agent: Get out.

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“I am announcing that I’m standing to become the next Prime Minister. If Boris Johnson is running, then people deserve a serious candidate too...”

"To cement their authority over the YouTube codebase during the integration into Google, the early engineers created a specialized permission set called “OldTuber”. OldTuber granted you the ability to completely bypass the new Google-oriented code enforcement policies"

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Why doesn’t the Super Mario cereal have mushroom flavor? Such a missed opportunity.

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เว็บเจ๋งดี play.date/

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GAHHH! I'm so excited to finally share what my team and I have been working on: GitHub Sponsors 💖 github.com/sponsors, a new way to fund open source work and appreciate the maintainers behind it! twitter.com/github/status/1131

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The Story of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Rise in the 1980s Art World Gets Told in a New Graphic Novel


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i think about this video like at least once a month

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Unintended burn at people looking for cofounders on @AngelList@twitter.com's career page 😝

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Today's weird discovery:
Pilotwings (1991) has a set of demos that play if you don't press any keys, and one of them acts differently depending on when your cartridge was made, basically.

Does the plane crash or not?

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