DJing tonight at the Tate Modern(???) Terrace Bar if anyone in London (UK ;)) fancies it. Disco, funk and soul. Free entry!

@clinkingdog Ah that's ace! Glad to hear it arrived safely (I meant to send it signed for but had a bit of a brain fart in the Post Office!)

Wil Wheaton 

@ConfusedImp This makes me so mad because I was recommended his list by someone a while ago to block all the Nazis etc and I'm still unblocking trans people to this day

There is a 1% chance any of you live in Walthamstow, but just in case: I'm DJing at the Queen's Arms on Orford Road tonight, from 9:30 til late. Playing loads of disco and boogie :toot:

I made a a kind of alt: @helene, it's basically like this account, but I get to break the brand and be me a bit more. Feel free to request if we talk (but I may not add you if I don't know you very well, sorry)

Is anyone else slightly triggered by all the anime avatars

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