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Serge K. Keller ❦

🇫🇷 Vous êtes sur ? Le serveur est temporairement indisponible, à notre grand regret. Nous vous tenons informés.

🇬🇧 You're on ? The server is temporarily unreachable, and we're terribly annoyed ourselves about that. We'll keep you posted.

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@citizenk No worries. Appreciate the notice.

And for those wondering what's up, keep tabs on the #mammouthcafe hashtag.

@dredmorbius I tried sending an update from the support account, but the notice was very short for me as well. For information: we managed to make a backup juuuust in time, and I will look for other, stabler options in the near future (before Fall) - for now, I'm crossing my fingers with you all.

@dredmorbius Possibly so - I guess I get what I paid for (and I'm going to change that)