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J'ignorais même que nous ayons un "Secteur G" en gare de Fribourg...

So, has Android Pancake landed yet?

Boost this toot if you see it

Hello ! Some people would like to do #bicycle #strolls in the streets of #Berlin ? I love doing bicycle in my daily life (even alone) but it could be nice to do it along ! 🙂

Salut ! Des personnes aimeraient faire des #balades en #vélo dans les rues de Berlin ? J'adore faire du vélo dans la vie (même seul) mais ça pourrait être plus sympa en groupe ! 🙂

#tourism #bike #international #meetings
#tourisme #rencontres #internationales

First, about a month of #mammouthcafe downtime in July because I messed up things with SSL, and of course it happened while I was away.

Then, a further couple of days of downtime that took a while to solve because of difficulties with our host. Granted: it's a cheap one. I got what I paid for.

This truly has been the Summer of Our Disconnect.

I have some ideas to improve things, but it'll take a bit before I can implement them. Meanwhile, fingers crossed, hopefully we're back to normal.

🇫🇷 Le Café Mammouth est à nouveau ouvert. Nous sommes vraiment désolés de cette interruption! Nous allons étudier les options nous permettant d'éviter ce genre d'incidents à l'avenir.

🇬🇧 The Mammouth Café has re-opened. We're really sorry for the inconvenience! We'll consider our options to avoid this kind of incident in the future.

Update on incident: the problem has been solved, we're waiting for the server to come back online

@dredmorbius Possibly so - I guess I get what I paid for (and I'm going to change that)

@dredmorbius I tried sending an update from the support account, but the notice was very short for me as well. For information: we managed to make a backup juuuust in time, and I will look for other, stabler options in the near future (before Fall) - for now, I'm crossing my fingers with you all.

🇫🇷 Vous êtes sur ? Le serveur est temporairement indisponible, à notre grand regret. Nous vous tenons informés.

🇬🇧 You're on ? The server is temporarily unreachable, and we're terribly annoyed ourselves about that. We'll keep you posted.

“View source” only works if you can understand the source.
-- Scott Rosenberg,

🇫🇷 Ayant pu enfin atteindre le serveur, j'ai pu remettre sur les rails le renouvellement de nos certificats: est à nouveau ouvert, reprenez place aux tables.

Je vous demande pardon pour cette panne, apparemment je sentais la chose venir lorsque j'ai écrit sur "Nous allons tâcher de ne pas gaffer, mais probablement que cela nous arrivera un jour ou l'autre"...

On apprend à marcher en tombant.