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First, about a month of #mammouthcafe downtime in July because I messed up things with SSL, and of course it happened while I was away.

Then, a further couple of days of downtime that took a while to solve because of difficulties with our host. Granted: it's a cheap one. I got what I paid for.

This truly has been the Summer of Our Disconnect.

I have some ideas to improve things, but it'll take a bit before I can implement them. Meanwhile, fingers crossed, hopefully we're back to normal.

🇫🇷 Le Café Mammouth est à nouveau ouvert. Nous sommes vraiment désolés de cette interruption! Nous allons étudier les options nous permettant d'éviter ce genre d'incidents à l'avenir.

🇬🇧 The Mammouth Café has re-opened. We're really sorry for the inconvenience! We'll consider our options to avoid this kind of incident in the future.

🇫🇷 Vous êtes sur ? Le serveur est temporairement indisponible, à notre grand regret. Nous vous tenons informés.

🇬🇧 You're on ? The server is temporarily unreachable, and we're terribly annoyed ourselves about that. We'll keep you posted.

🇫🇷 Ayant pu enfin atteindre le serveur, j'ai pu remettre sur les rails le renouvellement de nos certificats: est à nouveau ouvert, reprenez place aux tables.

Je vous demande pardon pour cette panne, apparemment je sentais la chose venir lorsque j'ai écrit sur "Nous allons tâcher de ne pas gaffer, mais probablement que cela nous arrivera un jour ou l'autre"...

On apprend à marcher en tombant.

🇬🇧 All right, I managed to access the server and clean up the certificate renewal issue: should be up and running for you, now.

I apologize for the mess: I was prescient when I rote on the following: "We'll try not to mess things up, but we probably will at some point"...

Ah, well: we fall, we learn.

/cc @djsundog @dredmorbius

🇫🇷 À tous les gens de : oui, je sais que le serveur est actuellement inatteignable.

Vos données se portent bien, c'est un souci de renouvellement de nos certificats Letsencrypt.

Et *bien sûr* je ne peux pas bidouiller sur le serveur ces jours.

J'en suis vraiment navré, d'autant que c'est aussi mon outil social.

Je vais faire de mon mieux pour réparer dès que possible la situation. Je vous tiens au courant des développements.

🇬🇧 To all people: yes, I'm aware the server is currently unreachable.

Your data is safe, it's an issue with our Letsencrypt certificates renewal.

And *of course* I'm unable to reach the server to troubleshoot it right now.

I'm really sorry about this, and as frustrated as you are: it's my social tool too.

I'll try to get it back on its feet as soon as possible and keep you posted. Meantime, use an account on another instance

I shouldn't have mentioned emacs. 😩 I don't care if you use emacs, vim, or telegraph your code line by line and indent using sandwhiches

This is not even my final form.

Official account of the Mastodon project. News, releases, announcements. All in micro-blog form!

🎺 Toot toot! 🎺

Spread the news, it's legit, @maloki and @Gargron boost to prove it!

Microblog (in 5 parts) inc. soon!

And now, for something completely different... I wonder how many of you still remember Gopher?

I finally migrated an old project on ist new server, and gopher:// is now online and should be more stable than last year.

Yes, you'll need Lynx or Firefox + OverbiteFF add-on to visit it...

We're not ready to open to the public, yet, but if having your own Gopherhole takes your fancy, just ping me and I'll get back in touch!

A global open social network based on interest is context collapse taken to the absolute extreme. You are designing something from the ground up to accommodate any interest, any type of discourse, any tone of interaction, _in the same space_. You can do that but preventing these conflicting societies from eating each other like cannibals on a highway pile-up can't be done without deliberate balkanisation.

My 2 cents. IMHO. Etc.

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