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Serge K. Keller ❦

Je viens de laisser un message téléphonique sur un ré déteste ça.
Pour clore mon piètre message ponctué de heuuuuuuuuu, je dis au revoir Isabelle. Je raccroche.... merde... Elle s'appelle Sandrine.
Je déteste à jamais les répondeurs !!! #boulette #boulet #repondeur #3615mylife

Okay, Sticker Mule has basically abandoned our stickers. I need a new company that can print stickers and most importantly that can do the selling and shipping on my behalf (like a marketplace). Anyone suggestions?

« – Pourquoi il était en prison ?
— On met nos hommes politiques en prison dès qu’ils sont élus. Pas vous ?
— Pourquoi ?
— On gagne du temps. »

Terry Pratchett, Le dernier continent. #JeudiCitation

"And Mammoth Mastodon shall not go by,
From this day to a conclusion of our world,
But you shall in it think of us,
Us not many, us hardly many, us band of kinsfolk;
For who today that has his blood in Mastodon with I
Shall I call my kin."
--"2nd King of Lancast'r, fifth by his call" by a bard known as Scuotilancia in Britain

Not a light thing to do, to put a Bard's words in oulipian form in a lingua not my own. Sorry to all fans of Stratford-upon-Avon most illustrious son!

An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts

Bonjour les mastonautes !

Dans ce qui a retenu mon attention ce matin :

#Histoire #Sciences Où l'on apprend que le nom "Mastodonte" vient du fait que les dents (odontos) du 1er fossile découvert présentait des tubercules qui rappelaient des mamelons (mastos). C'est à lire chez Albireo :

#Sciences #Podcast Un beau sujet abordé dans l'émission La méthode scientifique sur France Culture "Science et société : les raisons historiques du divorce"

Excellent article on the fundamental nature of the web:

"The web thrives on diversity. It's the diversity of the web that sustains it and it's the thing that will mean it's still around long after all the monocultures, whether they be browsers or Facebooks or Googles, have long since vanished from the online ecosystem."

Today is my 10th day on fediverse. Wrote a beginner's FAQ -

Thanks to @Gargron for creating Mastodon and @ian for hosting Mastodon.Network! 😁

everyone knows the real meme of mastodon is being nice, and good

concept: a mastodon instance hosted in a hacked IoT smart dishwasher

What I have learned:

- DMs between Mastodon users are not visible to people outside of Mastodon even if someone on GNU Social or anything else is following both people.
- Unlisted posts don't federate at all, and so are not visible to people on GNU Social or anything else.
- DMs are visible to admins of both the sending and receiving instance, unencrypted.
- A DM sent to a non-Mastodon instance is received as a public post, and there's a disclaimer that warns you of that before sending.

Je découvre Mastodon, un réseau social sans pub !
Merci @Kozlika pour le mode d'emploi et merci @ploum pour en avoir fait la pub.