every second of my life i am passing the bechdel test

hey sorry if this sounds creepy but i think your teeth would taste like lego candy and id like to bite them all off by the roots and chew them up. i think u would look good without teeth, like a cute little body modification so it would be ok. Again sorry if this sounds creepy.


shooting big fat white ropes of yarn onto elmos petite little body as the hot little twink begs for more

damb. just watched that footage of the hindenburg. that musta hurt in the mornin

so are there any, like.. newer pictures of the moon?? all the ones ive seen have been black and white..

yoda micropenis humiliation joi
stephen hawking joi cei
garfield cbt pov (oily)

i was born in the wrong generation... i should be dying of the bubonic plague instead of being on my phone all the time

*mastodon.social voice* Hello my name is Arnold. I am from and I love to and . I also like und being . Vat is up mein bruders

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@citrustwee this post gave me a heart attack the first time i saw it and i barely survived but i think this time its going to kill me

@citrustwee shout out to that weirdo boomer singing into a mosnter can

@citrustwee oh my god I literally never noticed the question at the top of this I just thought this meme was on some next level galaxy brain plane of existence

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