PLEASE watch this i promise you its worth it LMFAOO

this is hands down my favorite fucking video on the internet now. blin cat is over. this is even fucking better

i will not rest until everyone i know has seen this

@citrustwee honestly feel bad for the guy. he really likes a drug that has totally disappeared

moment of silence for quaaludes in brooklyn

@robin @citrustwee i had a roommate who used to call the music that i played and listened to "prelude to quaalude"

@robin @citrustwee
kid from brooklyn is dead, robin. hes doing quaaludes in heaven now

@citrustwee I,,,,don't know why he's yelling. He's like, 6 inches from the mic. Damn.

@citrustwee I just watched this again. His neighbors have to fucking HATE him. Fuccin Ed just screaming at 3 am about Quaaludes. It's not like NYC is heavy on soundproofing. Jesus christ

@remulacfrommars this is literally the funniest thing i have ever fucking seen

@citrustwee me too and itโ€™s not close. I feel like Iโ€™m on a moon

@citrustwee did u find this.....this big man....the voice of the people


@citrustwee huh did you just get recommended this on YouTube?? I literally just fohnd it this morning after finding it on my home food :thinknyan:

@HYPERLINK i love it SO FUCKING MUCH KAJSDKjg siadsg asdjh gasihd gjhasgdahjgkdkjasfgdahdsghjkasdgh

@citrustwee this man is actually scary he was in my nightmares last night

@citrustwee i dont like how he gets progressively louder and then his face gets so red from screaming. i feel like he's a sleeper agent within a sleeper agent and that's just his first form.

@larrydavis @tavi @citrustwee yeah my main reaction was "wow this wouldn't seem funny at all if I was stuck in the same room with him"

Okay but like they were a real thing apparently??? And now I wanna try them


apparently they are what caused the official ppl to have to take a stance on addictive prescription drugs, so that's nice at least!

@citrustwee how did you resurrect my grandpa and make him an NY juicer? how?

@citrustwee YouTube has been recommending me this NON STOP

@citrustwee omfg this guy again. He is still the single weirdest and greatest corner of YouTube my feed somehow presented to me



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