how the FUCK do u turn into the little ball in super metroid

@citrustwee dugk
do u have the power up for it yet
i think u have to get it

@citrustwee eve there are like 6 buttons you should be able to figure this out

@SanfordianPhil @uncletrunks @citrustwee i lived though the 90s and i know that nobody actually read those things

@Picklemaddierix @SanfordianPhil @uncletrunks @citrustwee on the contrary, paper manuals were a thing you could take with you when you had to be away from the computer to help imagine how cool it would be when you got back to the computer

@Picklemaddierix @SanfordianPhil @uncletrunks @citrustwee 13 year old me, looking at the weapons page in the Doom II manual and wistfully thinking about firing a plasma rifle

@citrustwee you come into my country, you disrespect my video games, on this, the eve of 9/11

@skelltan @citrustwee i have made this observation before but i do not believe it is a coincidence that they are the same age

@citrustwee press down to crouch, then press down again while you're crouching

@citrustwee eve you just hit down twice. its literally so easy i just did it

@citrustwee are you using the directional buttonsa? it might be harder with the joystick

@Picklemaddierix @citrustwee I have no idea what this post is about but I'm a fan

@Picklemaddierix @citrustwee I'm scared to look up what a directional buttsona is in dwarf fortress because I saw that thread about dwarven child care

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