going up bush this arvo to collect firewood, if you don’t hear from me it’s because i’ve been snatched up by a large eagle and fed to its young or we’ve just gotten bogged

i know it’s extra difficult for you all because i said bush but thank you for showing restraint

@muppetbutler brooky it is literally just because i only know half of the words in the post


@muppetbutler "going up bush this arvo to collect firewood" "gotten bogged" are you kidding me. what the FUCK does that mean

@muppetbutler wasnt arvo one of those fucking liquor stores though>??????

@muppetbutler ok . fine i accept it this time. not letting it slide next time though


@citrustwee @muppetbutler hi Eve, it means Shea going to steal firewood from the prime minister (a classic Australian past time). "Getting bogged" means going to prison.

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