when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

@citrustwee when i think bonzi buddy i think vinesauce joel converting john cena theme song to midi

@citrustwee @selontheweb @thubish we could literally do one. i once discovered a repository on the internet archive of literally thousands of archived bonzi searches

@hyperlink @citrustwee @selontheweb you are easily the most equipped out of all of us to talk about bonzi

@citrustwee bonzi spits straight facts that dont care abotu yoru feelings libberal snowflake they only care about my feelings

@citrustwee Wow, now there's a character I haven't seen in a while.

I have far fewer qualities than BonziBuddy :blobsad:

@citrustwee I dislike deadlines. What kind of dead soul *loves* deadlines? I say it anyway. I dislike deadlines, but I do work to them

@citrustwee are you gonna keep boosting this until everyone who has ever existed has seen it
because im fine with that lol
im gonna change accounts each time i see it and act like it's the first time now

@citrustwee Oh my God I had forgotten all about that purple gorilla can't believe I used to have him on my PC

@citrustwee if a man in a job interview said he "told facts" i would p a n i c

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