hi new users!! i'm not sure how to reach a large amount of you other than having this post on the local timeline.

i'm a moderator here!
when reporting someone, doing it once is fine. real humans are handling your reports, and reporting someone multiple times adds to the workload!
also, when you do report someone, please add an explanation as to why you're reporting them. you can also add specific toots that you believe break our CoC, which you can find here:

also sharing this among yourselves would be greatly appreciated!! :) hope ya like it here

@citrustwee hi moderator. Thank you for letting us know. Lemme tell you somethig, you should be able to handle the 'load' there are lot of ppl coming your way. My Twitter timeline is filled with mastodon IDs. So thank you for letting us know. I shall tell everyone I know

@citrustwee question. When a person is reported, does his account get locked/frozen? If so, for how long? Does he get any communication on this? Am asking for someone whose account has been frozen/locked (possibly due to being reported).

@raja_sw No, that doesn't happen. Those types of things only happen when a moderator does something.

@mysticashi kyun kaam down ?! lol...chhoti chhoti khushiyaan batorne m kya burai hae!

A lot of us from India have joined this specific instance. In India there is something called casteism (similar to racism but more insidious and complex). Is it possible to prohibit casteist toots too?

@Lawandemotions that definitely sounds like something we'd be against!

It would be great if you could get a moderator who is dalit (a group of the most oppressed people, in the caste hierarchy). A dalit woman would be better (As they are at the most affected lot in the system) on board.
Usually casteist slurs, dumb opinions against the affirmative action here (the merit argument), genetic determinsm, are used to insult Dalits. There are others too- OBCs, Tribals etc. It is a system of graded inequality.

@Lawandemotions we're currently looking for a mod from india, actually! you seem to know a lot about the subject, you should apply for moderator here :)

@citrustwee this sounds far more sincere than the tweets regarding @sanjayuvacha on . Let's not tax the moderators with duplicate complaints while reporting.

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