why am i constantly reminded of the fact that girl in red exists and is popular. why. why. why. jesus christ


i know you're not asking for a reasoning or anything, so here's one anyway. it's extremely relatable for a lot of gays and is ethereal and calm with lyrics that are extremely easy to memorize and sing along with pretty quickly. i don't like to listen to them all the time but i don't think it's hard to see why it's popular. this is such a funny thing to get annoyed about when there's still people like hobo johnson getting a pass by most people, imho

@root ive ragged on hobo johnson a bunch of times too lol

@citrustwee and yet he's still mortal on this plane. do not divert your energy, eve. you cannot let him weasel through. you are not allowed to bash anyone else until the insufferables are dealt with.


@root i will singlehandedly destroy hober jonson

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