hi new people from 🇮🇳!! when reporting people where their posts aren't in english i would really appreciate it if you could provide some kind of rough translation, since google translate doesn't really work with hindi, tamil, etc. and we don't have a mod that speaks these languages yet!

@citrustwee just shout if you need help with translation from any local languages. Am sure people would be more than happy to volunteer :)

@Enthupatani @citrustwee yeaah that's true. Many of us are more than happy to translate posts that are not in English :)

@citrustwee I am willing to be a mod for English to Hindi translations.

@citrustwee You could request particular posts translation into english and like minded tootles will help you

@KiTCaT the problem is that there's a lot of bad faith actors that have come as well, and i won't be able to guarantee how trustworthy they are. along with that, there's literally over 100 posts i'd have to send. that's too much work to put on someone else lol

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