guess i'll do an again as well! :eve:

hi, i'm eve! i'm 18, and a mod here along with kropot, luigi, and eleanor!

i'm a leftist (shocking, i know) and a big music nerd! i also play video games every once in a while. i've been playing guitar for about 5 years now. i also love learning new languages! i speak english & dutch fluently, and a decent amount of french & german. right now i'm trying to learn portuguese & japanese!

if you have any questions, let me know!

@Koshy i was pretty active for about a year and became friends with Eugen, and just mentioned one time that i'd be cool with helping out with moderating if he ever needed it. so about a month or two later he messaged me askin' if i was still down. :)

@citrustwee looking forward to getting to know you in this new site

@citrustwee Dag Eve, well met!
Though my playing is not that great I do make instruments such as cigar box guitars and canjos and the occasional cookie tin guitar. You can see some of them on the my peertube or YouTube let me know if you want a link. I know very little in Dutch, beyond hoe ist
her met je? I can however handle English pretty well :)

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