HELLO FRIENDS!!!! i just dropped my newest MASTERPIECE named "hey man i dont really know what to put here im bad with making choices so i guess ill leave this here as a placeholder"

GO LISTEN TO IT HERE!!! and also like share and subscribe

@citrustwee it was extremely thoughtful of you to make track 3 about me personally 💚

@lennie never........... the point of it is to simply stay short as hell. you will never get to enjoy a full track ever

@citrustwee ok then i will keep attempting to freestyle over this 10 seconds of fire ass beat

@lennie lmao i mean i can repeat the loop a bunch of times if you want (if i can still find the project files)

@citrustwee no please don't go to any trouble i'm probably not actually going to record a freestyle lol. i like it though!

@citrustwee ur best work yet and the cover art is Fucing amazing as always

@citrustwee really grooving to bike cuck type beat, has to be my favorite.

@citrustwee i cant listen to this album at work because it makes me laugh too much

@citrustwee i've never heard someone say "trumpet! the trumpet!" as if they were in mortal peril before

@citrustwee i was debating doing a mambo no 5 edit where he forgets what number it is
and what the names are

@citrustwee eve, I give this 1000 out of 100 gecs. I would also like to echo the sentiment that bike cuck is a groove.

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