If we want to have computing freedom, we're going to need computers that are safe and don't lock us out. Having actually well designed architectures (x86 sure ain't it) would be nice too. RISC-V is a beam of hope: riscv.org/

- India is making progress on fabb'ing their own RISC-V chips fossbytes.com/linux-on-shakti-
- FOSDEM video on RISC-V fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event

Got other interesting RISC-V links?

The hi-five looks like a cool and powerful RISC-V dev board, but it's not on sale anymore afaict crowdsupply.com/sifive/hifive-


@cwebber I really hope we'll see another run of the unleashed, 900$ is kind of expensive for basically an rpi but at FOSDEM they said it would be 100 if they could commit to a run of 100k or something like that...

Would feed my addiction for home-servers on weird architectures :)

@cjd Yeah... also, I think Trump's trade war stuff is a total nightmare, but... I guess for this there may be an interesting side effect in that India and China are looking to free themselves from US companies, and look to be investing in RISC-V eetimes.com/author.asp?section

Looks like Western Digital will be switching over to RISC-V too for all their computers that run your hard drive (yes, your hard drive does have its own computer)

@cwebber @cjd Yep, WD ships over a billion CPU cores a year, going on 2 billion. Their publicly stated aim is to go all RISC-V over time.

@notclacke @cwebber @cjd That's nice but it's no promise that they don't have, say, a closed-source IME-like "security" coprocessor attached to them anyway.

@notclacke @icefox @cjd Even if that's the case, WD shipping a bunch of risc-v machines should advance RISC-V, which raises hope for the advancement of RISC-V generally.

@cwebber @cjd @icefox Yes, exactly.

Do I prefer proprietary software on Linux over proprietary software on Windows? Why, yes, I do.

Do I prefer locked-down backdoored proprietary CPUs with an open and well-designed ISA over locked-down backdoored proprietary CPUs with a proprietary legacy patchwork ISA where there are alternative open hardware implementations? Ugh, but, yeah, I'm gonna have to say I do.
@cwebber @cjd @icefox I made an excursion into the #riscv tag and found a post that suggested that WD would buy their cores from SiFive, but looking into it further, it sounded like pure speculation.
Yeah, counterevidence to the WD+SiFive speculation:


They are reportedly working with esperanto.ai, which, to my knowledge, does not offer open hardware.

@cwebber I recall someone installing Linux on a harddrive w/ a couple of ARM cores.

China used to be doing something with MIPS at some point, Loongson laptop, also Baidu is running everything on ARM cores...

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