Google Glass was an interesting case because it showed us people do care about privacy, but only when they feel it's violated.

They will give endless data on themselves and others including photos, video and location but they will outrage the moment they feel privacy is actually at risk - because someone has a camera on their face instead of their hands.

Facebook is actually very clever to obtain all this data without triggering this sensation for the average person.

People know.. but they do not *feel*.


And yet google manages to stay in the shadows while Zuckerberg is forever being put in the hot seat and pressed to answer for what FB has done.

Shows the difference between GOOG and F, one is good at dealing with regulatory authorities, other one is good at dealing with people.

@cjd Zuckerberg was in the hot sit because the company failed to keep people from feeling the invasiveness the moment they got political with the Cambridge scandal. Google so far has been managing to keep up appearances.

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