My programming language is better than yours 

Realizing I prefer javascript (despite it being slow!) because it carries a "promethean fire" esthetic. It's designed to make it really easy for a beginner and then lack of a rich standard library encourages a "everybody build a piece" attitude.

This is a deep philosophical question: If we're improving every day, then Prometheus is a hero (but so is the snake), if we're degenerating (Plato, Bannon) then Promethius is a Sorcerers' Apprentice.

My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd Unfortunately, people keep building the same pieces over and over. And they build tiny pieces, stick them into NPM, then use a weak password, get phished, sell their account, or get angry and delete their package, breaking everything else.

To say nothing of the joy of dependencies that suddenly develop conflicting dependencies.

My programming language is better than yours 

I get it, I personally really like libraries written in C because I know the programmer passed a minimum bar of entry... But without JavaScript the majority of js developers would not suddenly become excellent Haskell programmers, they would probably not be developers at all. So from the perspective of the whole industry (or society at large) I think more developers are better, even if they're worse 馃槈

My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @freakazoid
Only if those mediocre developers don't create negative externalities.

My programming language is better than yours 

@Wolf480pl @freakazoid
That's basically the fundamental question. Prometheus stole fire from the gods to help humans, who certainly were worse at using it than the gods.

So is Prometheus a hero or a villain ?

If Prometheus is a hero, it's hard to avoid concluding that the snake in the genesis story is also the hero.

But if Prometheus is the villain then it's hard not to reason yourself into Anarcho-Primitivism.

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @Wolf480pl @freakazoid i don't think it's a right metaphor. you can use fire yourself, but you can't create tools made of fire you could share.

so, i think a modern analogy would be more appropriate: electricity. sure, you can do whatever you want at home. but to work as an electrician, to build systems for others, you have to have some education and be certified.

would it be good if prometheus gave a matchbox to children? would he be a hero?

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @Wolf480pl @freakazoid or, with a "minimum bar of entry". let's imagine that there're two kinds of fire. yellow fire is available to everyone, blue fire requires some practice. you can't just create blue fire, it will fade immediately. but if you practice, you'll be able to create fire stronger and stronger. and at the point where you are able to create fire strong enough to burn your house, you'll be smart enough to not do it.

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @Wolf480pl @freakazoid you could still use it for bad things, to burn others' houses, but at least it would be safe enough for you. if there were these two kinds of fire, which would be better to share with humans?

in a perfect world, it would also teach you itself, you wouldn't need access to rare books or teachers. our world isn't perfect, but someone who already has everything needed to code can learn coding themself, i think.

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @Wolf480pl @freakazoid (to clarify, i don't dislike js, i have mixed feelings about it, and i also don't think c does act like that fire. i just don't like the argument that everyone should be able to code.)


re:My programming language is better than yours 

@leip4Ier @Wolf480pl @freakazoid
I suspect that in the future, software, written language and speech will meld into one

Web 2 0 1

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @Wolf480pl @freakazoid the programming language isn't the point. actually, i don't think that "programmer" is a profession. "software developer" is. creating software that works fast, doesn't break and is possible to maintain is an art. just typing keywords that make a script is not.

and if we abstract the hardware and other hard parts away, enough for everyone to be able to code... we'll have problems, as history tells, i think? but we'll see

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @leip4Ier @freakazoid
Not sure what you mean by "meld into one", but right now, they represent a spectrum of preciseness and contextfulness.

Code is the most precise and context-free. It leaves very little space for interpretation. This means that to write code, you have to make your thoughts precise, which takes a lot of effort.

Speech is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's very ambiguous and contextful. All you care about is that the person preset here and now to whom you're talking understands what you mean. It doesn't matter if you make a mistake, use a wrong word, or if someone else 10 years later will be able to understand what you meant.

Most people find it easier to be ambiguous than precise.

Written word is somewhere in between.

Now, I can imagine a situation where the whole spectrum is being utilized, and you can pick any point on the spectrum independently on whether you're talking to a human or a machine.

But I can't imagine a situation where the spectrum collapses, and there's only one universal style of communication.

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@Wolf480pl @leip4Ier @freakazoid
I agree with that analysis.

re:My programming language is better than yours 

@cjd @leip4Ier @Wolf480pl I think this is something Star Trek gets kind of right. Programming in Star Trek isn't like writing a document. It's interactive. The thing they don't show is *reading* a program. Maybe that needs to be interactive too.

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