As I watch the mastoverse slowly but surely devolving into a proper dumpsterfire, it occurs to me that things aren't going to get any better until we all agree this follow+timeline experiment has failed and go back to rooms/groups/lists.

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Because when nothing is off-topic, everything is.

@Wolf480pl @cjd
I think that's the main reason why timelines are disabled on

I only see what the (reasonable) people I follow say or boost.

Not a lot of dumpster fire for me :)

I only miss a convenient way to filter by groups, so that I can put some people in "tech" and some in "politics" or "news", depending on my mood ;)
But that's a client thing.

@danielst @Wolf480pl
You're asking to filter some people into tech and others into politics, but how many people actually just talk only about one topic ever ?
If you have someone who sometimes wants to talk about tech and other times about politics, in the end you're back to chat rooms.

@cjd @Wolf480pl
Specifically, I think I might rather end up putting some news-bots in such a group, that produce so much noise that I sometimes want to unfollow. Or maybe I put a dev / software accounts in such a groop, that usually toot news about that software.

Then, what's left would be "normal" people who talk about whatever is hot.

So maybe I should have labeled it
"News & Announcements" and "Humans talking about stuff"

@cjd You need to get off! I made the leap last year to a sub-1,000 user instance and it's a world of difference.

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