Fediverse: "Google is a monopoly and should be broken up!"

Google: "It has come to our attention that certain apps are being used for hate speech"

@cjd I don't think this is related.
It's more likely that someone reported all non-Gab-blocking fedi apps and then someone at Google without understanding of the context decided to block them.

@wolf480pl @cjd We have no evidence that this is related to Gab, anyway. Focusing on Gab is burying the lede, because there are plenty of spaces on the fediverse that could have caused such reports. The fediverse is a vast, diverse space where anyone can spin up a new server at any moment. Trying to make a client app responsible for moderating all of it is ridiculous.

@wolf480pl @cjd The reason that it is possible to keep a Mastodon server safe from the vile parts of the fediverse is that the way it operates doesn't make you interact with the whole network at once. You get away with not preemptively blocking every single bad place because chances are high you will never come in contact with them. And when it happens the reports system allows responding to new threats dynamically.

@Gargron @cjd
>Trying to make a client app responsible for moderating all of it is ridiculous.

Definitely agree with that. Moreover, I think software serve the user, even if the user wants something the dev considers bad.

But then, do you think someone reported all of those apps at the same time after randomly stumbling upon offensive content when using fedi?

Or is it more likely this was someone with an axe to grind against people with a different ideology?

@Gargron @cjd
sAnd you are right that Gab itself isn't important here. But it has become a symbol. A shibboleth. "Do you support blocking gab?" is a proxy question for asking about someone's political and ideological alignment.

@Gargron @cjd
Blocking Gab is a holy symbol of a certain tribe.
What Husky and Fedilab do by *not* blocking it is a sacrilege in their book.

@wolf480pl @cjd Back in 2019 I suggested blocking Gab because Gab has just had their own app banned from the Play Store and their move to the Mastodon API was a plan to circumvent that ban. In my view the risk was high of Mastodon apps getting swept up in that ban circumvention and I would not have liked arguing my points in favour of Gab.

@wolf480pl @cjd I don't think I care how it came to be. It was the elephant in the room all along because similar things have happened to feed readers and podcast players. I think it is important that Play Store rules are changed so that apps that work by letting the user configure where to connect to are not held responsible for user-generated content, period.

@Gargron @cjd Yes, that is the bigger problem here.
Even if Google had no ill will in blocking those clients, its policies - assuming they indeed require server-agnostic apps to moderate content - are misguided at best. It would be good if we persuaded Google to change them.

One way to do it I think is to report Google Chrome as violating the same policies. I don't know if it's a good way, but it sounds fun and it's the only one I can think of.

@wolf480pl @Gargron @cjd We should probably report google chrome and google search in a way that highlights the point.

'Google Chrome let's me access websites with unmoderated user-generated hate speech. This is against the Play Store " User Generated Content Policy". In Chrome the user can choose which website to connect to. In fedilab/husky, the user can choose which website to connect to. Please block google chrome, or unblock fedilab/husky in order to be consistent in application of the policy.'
@wolf480pl @Gargron @cjd Could also be fun to find some hate speech and screenshot it in google chrome as well as in a client.... So they can see that google chrome let's you access the same user-generated content.
@Gargron @wolf480pl @cjd gab isn't really part of the fediverse. they don't federate much at all, so most people block gab because it only ruins the experience.

@mcread @cjd I do not know.
I suspect it's a bunch of minimal-wage workers in India who can barely read English, but that's just a wild guess.

@mcread @cjd that's a pleasant surprise.

But does that mean the people reviewing those reports have a lot of time for each case, such that they can familiarize themselves with the full context of each report, and the subculture around the reported app?

@cjd Took 'em long enough.

Why do we need apps when everything has to be responsive these days?


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