If Google does not want to listen to my explanations, I will not change the app for them.
The way they are acting is unfair and don't give any trust concerning next publications.
I prefer to spend my time to help people to switch on #FDroid for getting the app.


Imagine a day, where asking a dev to restrict their app to some people is a normal behavior. Today, maybe 99,9% don't care due to the target. But what's next?
Do you like to choose freely an app with your needs or choose your needs due to apps?

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Imagine a day, where the first app everyone installs is f-droid and playstore is the new IE.

@cjd @fedilab Wait. Are you saying everyone doesn't already do this? :S

@cjd @moparisthebest F-Droid comes pre-installed with my ROM. What is that playstore good for? I never installed it. Always read about trouble with that thing, like, trackers, malware, fleece etc. Never read that about F-Droid. So I better stick with what came pre-installed, and avoid sideloading those unsafe third-party things… 🙊

@IzzyOnDroid @cjd @moparisthebest
But to be fair F-Droid has problems with many outdated apps and even maintained apps are behind upstream

@Utgardloki @cjd @moparisthebest which is why some of them are in my repo as well, yeah. But again to be fair, it's not rare that upstream adding proprietary dependencies is causing that.

@cjd @fedilab

It would be helpful if you could download F-Droid through the playstore. Like the only thing that I used IE for was downloading Firefox.

But that's not allowed by google :-(.

@cjd @fedilab Except that you don't need G Play to install F-droid (in contrast to IE in mant Windows installations)...

@cjd @fedilab I misread this as "Imagine a day where the first app everyone installs from f-droid is the new IE" and I was wondering exactly what context I was missing for such trolling

@cwebber @fedilab
That would be cool, IE is FOSS, and good, and everyone installs it from f-droid.

@cjd @cwebber @fedilab this thread is hilarious as it has someone (an American?) nattering on about market forces, completely ignoring a guy from the Balkans in the same thread talking about his lived experience with civil war and the violent collapse of his home country
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