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* Freedom
* Privacy
* Safety
Pick 2

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Here's a little fiction:
Outside is the lawless place, gangs roam the deserted and broken streets, there are land mines and radioactive disaster sites. Those born Outside to parents with no citizenship are too unfortunate to imagine. For a person of means, the Outside is a place where you can do anything or buy anything in total anonymity. Freedom + Privacy

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The city is a bustling metropolitan area, people have a great deal of freedom and equality, you can do almost anything which doesn't harm someone else and everyone feels quite safe. But there is a constant buzz of drones overhead and if you do something outside of the rules then one will come down above you and kindly ask you to stop - which is usually all that needs to happen. Freedom + Safety

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The private island is where some people have taken refuge. On one's private island they can do what they want in total privacy but any attempt to establish communications with others off of the island will lead to them being discovered and their island raided by pirate gangs so they must remain in total isolation. Privacy + Safety

These scenarios are unlikely but they give some kind of vision of the meanings of the preferences.

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@cjd there's no freedom without privacy, and no safety without freedom

It's possible to argue the definition of freedom to make it an impossible trilemma, but the basic idea is:

* Freedom + Privacy = Mad Max
* Freedom + Safety = Brave New World
* Privacy + Safety = Home confinement

@cjd privacy + safety is possible in theory, but someone needs to enforce it, and as long as that someone is not an infallible being with no self-interest, it can abuse its power to harm you.

Maybe if you enforced confinement by making the atmosphere uninhabitable... maybe that'd work.

@cjd but also: home violence. If you live with an abusive family member, home confinement doesn't make you safe.

@cjd it's not a stable situation. Whoever runs the drones will inevitably abuse that power to limit people's freedom or extract money out of them.

Mass manipulation, blackmailing, gradual introduction of more and more restrictive rules - those are just a few examples of what you could do with such an infrastructure.

@cjd Why should I pick only 2? 🤔
Any more context? My answer would be different for using a car than for using a calendar service ...

It's meant to initiate thought and conversation. I wrote a little piece of micro-fiction with a dystopian world to illustrate extreme examples of the three. But you can interpret them differently.

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