I can't believe nobody stopped to think: Are we about to start a fight with people who are so stubborn that they will develop and maintain an advanced command line tool just avoid using a web browser?

@cjd RIAA doesn't realize that people mostly use youtube-dl to watch stuff in mpv or vlc, not to download and redistribute copies of their videos.

@wolf480pl @cjd
The uses for youtube-dl are:
1. Watch without a web browser (and so in EU the interoperability clause could be used)
2. Watch later when the connection is sloppy or absent (ie. train/plane ride)
3. Private archive of the content you care about (which should be legal similar to recording Tv or copying your own CD/DVD for yourself-only)
4. (Public) archive of re-distribuable content (in my case: )

But RIAA doesn't have to care about that, they saw that a part of it could bend how youtube broken-by-design crypto (DRM) works and decided to try like an pre-internet company to shut the whole thing down with a bazooka *insert rambo picture* rather than send them a notice that the DRM implementation is illegal by their own opinion.

@lanodan @cjd

*Tony Stark voice*

"it's sort of like a team... Internet's mightiest heroes. Takes us a while to get any traction, I'll get you that one, but let's do a head count here:
- the nerds who reverse-engineer youtube JS for fun
- those who watch without a web browser
- those who watch later in train/phone
- those who archive stuff they care about
- those who legally redistribute content
and you, RIAA, you managed to piss off every single one of them"

@lanodan @cjd @wolf480pl

Another use case for youtube-dl: to download videos for research and analysis

@lanodan @cjd @kristinHenry not necessarily - maybe you analyze the video immediately after downloading, and discard it afterwards

@lanodan @cjd @wolf480pl I suppose so, but I don't watch the video. I process it with a python script.

@lanodan @cjd @wolf480pl I also use youtube-dl to download data without downloading the video or thumbnail at all.

@kristinHenry @cjd @wolf480pl Ah right, I sometimes do something a bit similar: Grab the subtitles as a transcript.

@lanodan @cjd @wolf480pl DRM is evil, intellectual property is theft, FUCK THE RIAA!!! I've been saying that online in one form or another for decades...

@wolf480pl @cjd Another case for using youtube-dl: It saves Google a bundle of money by only downloading the video once, slowly, in the background!

Or in terms of the modern economy, it prevents Google from stealing even more of our bandwidth, claiming that they need to do it, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to waste more and more.

@cy @cjd @wolf480pl

Youtube business model is ads so they want you to go back every time so they can show you new ads.

So they don't care about the bandwidth costs.

@alienghic @cy @cjd
they can't show you ads anyway, because you use uBlock origin, right? right?

@wolf480pl @cy @cjd

Well yeah...

But in the mind of the company running an ad blocker is stealing from them. (In the view of IT ad blockers are good security practice, so maybe there should be a different business model)

@alienghic @wolf480pl @cy
Quick, someone give Mitch Glazier a case of whiskey and tell him that suing uBlock Origin will cause no political backlash whatsoever 😂

@wolf480pl @cjd I strongly doubt RIAA cares, whether they know or not. I suspect it has always been about power, control, shaping policies, and the visibility of the organization. Even when “piracy” has been shown to be good for the bottom line, their party line has never changed.

@cjd That would already be advanced thinking. Do you think that there will be a real fight? I'm not so sure.

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