The youtube-dl team backed down, they removed functionality necessary for it to access some videos.
I'm not faulting them, maybe they live in a repressive country where their lives are under threat, they don't owe it to us.
But yesterday youtube-dl was accessible everywhere BUT Github, today partial-youtube-dl is accessible on Github, and from now on the main developed branch will be partial-youtube-dl. That's it, the boogiemen won.

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re: youtube-dl 

@cjd it's not really partial youtube-dl. no part of the code that you actually run has been removed, literally the only things that were removed are a few test cases


@cjd And Github is making it sound like they are the heroes. "Look at us, bringing it back, standing up for developers". Complete BS.


@rtn @cjd
And the GitHub CEO hopping in on youtube-dl IRC channel, offering the devs help fighting RIAA's claims, was all for show too?


@wolf480pl @rtn
That was an act of sheer terror, because if this came to a head and youtube-dl actually did end up moving to European hosting, that could be the beginning of the end of Github.


@cjd @rtn

while technically all European countries have anti-circumvention laws (because WIPO Copyright Treaty), I agree that youtube-dl moving to an European hosting could cause give many devs the wrong idea and make them move as well.

I don't think github did anything wrong in handling the takedown - they didn't have a choice - but you're right in that they also didn't have a choice but to be nice to youtube-dl devs.


@cjd @rtn
Interoperability purpose? Interesting...

I'm pretty sure this is not what WIPO Copyright Treaty intended, but props to France for a creative interpretation.

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