It's surprising how well the mythology around magic/spells/curses maps to software, malware and hacking.


Maybe we humans just WANT magic, we want a world of reclusive bearded wizards speaking unknown languages which alter the fabric of reality.
As soon as we developed computing, we sub-consciously set about making the world we believe in.

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@cjd I think there's a significantly smaller group than "we humans" for whom it's great to have a bunch of "reclusive bearded wizards" who wield unknowable powers.

Why mages are reclusive is quite obvious: nobody except other mages understands the stuff they deal with on a daily basis.

Heck, my mother is a programmer and even then I find it difficult to talk to her about the issues I'm dealing with at work.
I can't use 1/4 of the words I'd like to use because I know she doesn't know them.

And with non-programmers it's even worse - they won't understand half of the words.

So the question is, why is it that people outside of the field don't have even basic understanding of how this stuff works.

Do they actively want to avoid understanding it?
Or is it that they just can't be bothered?
Or is this stuff too complex for anyone who doesn't want to dedicate their whole life to computers?

@wolf480pl @cjd I think it is also simply access to the knowledge that is limited. I know it's out there for free and al, but the saying 'you don't know until you know' is quite relevant here.

Until I learned Python, a program was like magic to me and I didn't understand why the mages did such a poor job designing it. Then I learned Python and realized that laziness is a huge factor in poor design.

Not so much about software being inaccessible, that's definitely a thing. More that the technology has evolved in a direction which closely matches what has been described in mythology of magic.

The case has been made before that lost civilizations possessed software-like technology and it was destroyed/lost and what remained was passed on through oral tradition. Lost technology is a can of worms, perhaps more likely we create the world we believe in...

@cjd oh, you mean the fact that we use specialized languages to instruct computer spirits^W processes what to do?

@wolf480pl @cjd
Is it deliberately arcane and inaccessible to not spoil the "magic"?

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