@cjd Prophetic actually, @pink should see this, we just witnessed the hilarity of the blue area.

> sees a feedback loop of negative events

Obviously there must be a malicious actor behind it who can take all the blame. It's impossible that people would just converge on hurting each other on their own.

No I mean nation-states using memes to spread conspiracy theories.

@cjd oh, I thought by shitposts you meant low-effort nonsense jokes that people make.

But yeah, the mode of operation in your picture is certainly plausible for a determined attacker to take advantage of, and nation states wanting to spread misinformation are certainly motivated attackers.

That was a meme back in like 2015ish, based on an info-graphic of a nation-state attack on computer infrastructure.

It's kind of silly, yes, but it described very well how nation-states use memes to promote conspiracy theories as information-weapons for creating cultural disunity.

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