1/ Well, 2020 is just about done, and wow it has been quite a year. We had the biggest global pandemic since the 1918 flu and my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones as well as those who are struggling with the economic fallout.

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2/ 2020 was also an election year in the United States and events surrounding this election have served to illustrate a wider sociological shift. We are seeing a shift toward decentralization of all forms of power, including power over Consensus Reality.

3/ The terms "Alternative Facts" and "Post Truth" have emerged to describe the situation, but these terms themselves imply a claim of authority over the Definition of Truth. They say without saying that the words of Our Leaders are Truth, and all other words are Heresy.

4/ There are obviously facts which are beyond question: no matter how much you believe, jumping from a tall building will not make you fly. But social constructions accepted as truth are far more pervasive than most people think.

5/ 2020 is finally coming to a close, and like many people you probably cannot wait for this cursed year to be over. But did you stop to think that January 1st is only the boundary between years because Julius Caesar decreed it so? Social constructs are pervasive.

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