@cjd well, there are plenty on "the left" applauding billionaires deciding who can say what, and plenty on "the right" rallying everyone to new crappy centralized silos. Hopefully they figure it out soon.

@cjd I hope so. Honestly I'm worried about Good Tech(tm) like decentralized software and Signal being given a bad name because right wingers start using it.

@cjd reference to the first Predator movie?

Who does the green alien hunter represent?

@joao @cjd The predators are the closed silos, Facebook, Twitter, Signal etc etc

Welcome to #YearOfDecentralizaion!

According to this user story, the primary challenges to the #YearOfTheFediverse are:
1a. Hard for users to discover content.
1b. Hard for creators to be discovered.
2a. Hard to federate identity (e.g. single sign-on)
2b. Hard to separate content (e.g. Discord “servers”)

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cjd’s original meme is the meme template of “working together” with the captions of “the left” and “the right” working together towards “decentralization”.

I made two additions:

Point out who is NOT working together towards the goal of “decentralization”; intended to be the “useful idiots” on both the left and the right who, in their Hegelian Dialectic of “opposing” each other; are both enabling corporations.

Add an (already-existing) “three-party model” diagram, whose thesis is: The main problem in a naive implementation of either lib-right or lib-left utopias is they always assume many small independent actors but never guarantee this assumption. When power becomes concentrated in large bodies (corporation just means a body i.e. corporeal), then it doesn’t matter whether the bodies are “public” or “private”, everybody gets fucked.

In short, #YearOfDecentralization is key. #YearOfTheFediverse is my New Year’s Resolution, for anyone who will listen (referring to my outreach efforts on twitter/discord/facebook alts, etc.; obviously people here are good).


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