Which has primacy?

Freedom of Speech


Autonomy in Commmunication

How do these differ?

What do they comprise of?

What conflicting or intersecting rights exist?

No, I’ve not defined terms. I have definitions in mind, but am also trialing language. The 2nd term is novel and appears not to be in significant use. I’m interested in seeing what others presume the meaning to be.

Boosts appreciated.

#FreeSpeech #AutonomousCommunication

Probably not the answer you're looking for but in terms of the US Constitution, I think it's pretty clear that the key objective is to ensure that a sitting government will not meddle with the process by which people decide whether or not to vote them out.

@dredmorbius Well in the first amendment they use the words "freedom of speech" so I suppose this.
The reason I bring this up is because I find that rules are made in order to prevent certain bad things, and then as time passes the rule itself becomes enshrined as a fundamental value. People start thinking Free Speech means anyone who doesn't want to listen to them is wrong, etc.
Hence why I like to try to understand why the words were written to begin with...


So with regard to definitions, my feeling is that "communication" is all about talking to someone who wants to listen while "speech" is about freedom to publish but as a non-press entity. Encrypted messengers facilitate communication while fediverse facilitates speech.

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