Think of it this way, people like us introduced a lot of less technical people to Signal. We told them it's good technology and that we trust Moxie to keep our private communications private.

Now Moxie has made a token and he's holding 85% of it in his pocket. Now there are going to be some of these people for whom money is an ongoing difficulty and they're going to see this as their chance to get financial security, and they're going to trust Moxie because we told them to.

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Now an 85% pre-mine is like a root key or a backdoor. He might look after it with the utmost of care, but he also might not. The risk here is that he might decide he's done with making software and he wants to go sell his 85% and move to an island.
And then if he dumps that on the market and walks away from the project, all those people who installed Signal because WE told them to, are gonna be wiped out.

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