Any project managers out there who want to do more and more to promote free, open and lower cost internet? A company I work for is hiring.

Boosts appreciated.

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@cjd If it's a continuation of cjdns, why is it a company you worked for and not a company you founded?

I'm definitely a co-founder, but I guess I wrote it that way because tend to think of myself more as a participant.

@cjd Sounds interesting and everything; but proof of work algorithms are usually a waste of energy and are harmful for the environment.

Besides, blockchain and money-earning stuff tend to catch the eyes of capitalists, who then try to own as much as possible of the mining infrastructure.

@cjd If you really want a "more accessible, low-cost, and decentralized" Internet, keep money away from it, lessen its energetic footprint and design it so that it can run in very cheap and low-power hardware. The "rewards" should be new possibilities and convenience for people, not money.

Financial systems do cause harmful externalities, but abolishing money is unrealistic.

These systems CAN however be improved, and made less harmful. I see a lot of that coming from the crypto/DeFi space.

Sadly, the extreme left communities who are banging the all-money-is-evil drum are actually discouraging good people from contributing to research which would make everyone better off.

It's a bit like what US GOP does w/ govt. Keep it broken so you can complain about it.

@cjd I'm not saying we should abolish money (although we probably should), what I mean is that you can't have true decentralization when money is involved at the lower level of the system.

How are extreme left communities "discouraging good people from contributing to research" exactly? Are you saying that no money means no will? Of course, money is necessary in order to survive (in the real world), but it's not human being's sole motivation.

How about doing things for the sake of the benefit you and others will receive from them rather than for money? Money entitles those who steal and scam to have more power over those who are being stolen.

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