In Romania there is a proposal to rename the street with the Belarusian embassy "Roman Protasevich street".

So they won't be able to even give out the address of their embassy without wearing the shame of hijacking an international flight to kidnap a journalist. Brilliant 😂

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I don't know why nobody thought of this sooner. Inb4 Julian Assange avenue.

@cjd Assange is a complex enough situation, even just by his own words, that I'm not sure it helps the cause of press freedom to lump him in. Plenty of much less fraught examples.

@cjd this reminds me of the renaming of the street now called Nelson Mandela Place, in Glasgow. When people sent letters to t :thinkerguns: he South African consulate they had no other option than write Mandela's name in their letters

@aperezdc @cjd there are many interests at play there. just bc Lukashenko's gov is fascist maybe not a good idea to name a street after another possible fascist mkkaaaay.

@aperezdc @cjd oh lookathat, hadn't even glanced at what kind of gov Bielorussia had rn. didn't and still don't have an opinion on it, looks like it may be "left" authoritarian, which would explain all the vitriol heard on the news. curious how this is "state sponsored piracy" but the EU hijacking Morales' plane bc they thought Snowden was on it is perfectly cool. almost as if terms like journalist, democracy, state terrorism are all to be applied when it suits the western civilized powers huh?

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