HIV Vaccine 

Yup, saw that one coming, mRNA is a panacea.

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re: HIV Vaccine 

@cjd it is changing the game.

This pandemic was terrible, but this model being tested and normalized is phenomenal.

re: HIV Vaccine 

@thegibson @cjd Is there an advantage over viral vector vaccines, since those are also "printed"? Just speed? Storage and distribution is a pretty big issue, but I guess now we've learned how to do it!

Flu is an obvious candidate because of its mutation rate. But I was wondering about HIV. The novel thing there appears to be how they're developing it: like software, through iterative trials! Neat.

The Gates Foundation is involved, so it'll be patented to hell of course.

HIV Vaccine 

@cjd @thegibson It only took 4,000+ vaccine related deaths, literally more than all other vaccines that have come to market since the VARES database started tracking these.

Honestly if you actually read the papers and not the marketing material, there is no efficacy for any of these CoV2 injectables (they’re not vaccines). I suspect it’s less than Hepatitis B, which has a take rate of <60%. It’s impossible to tell because the control groups were removed from almost all of the studies by phase II (citing ethics of giving people a placebo instead of the vaccine … oh so it’s unethical to do challenge response, but not to literally remove scientific controls to judge the validity of the study?!)

There isn’t really a need for an HIV vaccine since we have PrEP and other preventative drugs. If you somehow made an mRNA that created proteins that generated HIV antibodies, you’d have two big issues:

HIV Rapid tests would now be worthless. They’re based on antibodies and everyone vaccinated would have antibodies. You literally couldn’t tell who does and doesn’t have HIV.
Even if you had antibodies, it doesn’t matter. Vaccine based antibodies mean the infection is stopped earlier, but some cells can still be infected. HIV is a retrovirus, using inscription and reverse-transcription enzymes to embed itself into your DNA (which will cause the immune systems of some, but not all humans, to fail after 2~5 years without treatment).

All it takes is one infected cell with HIV and you’re fucked. That’s why it’s been so impossible to develop a vaccine for HIV.

Also there have been no long term reproductive studies for the CoV2 vaccines, so hope you’re done having kids.

HIV Vaccine 

@djsumdog @TheGibson @cjd thegibson can't hear you as he has blocked your instance

HIV Vaccine 

@Hyolobrika @thegibson @cjd I know. Other people can see though. The post made it over here because someone that doesn't block me started/boosted it, so there are people who might see my reply. It's more for those who want to actually listen.

It's kinda sad. I use to respect Gibson back when I first got on Fedi. There's a lot I don't see now, since I rarely use my mastodon instance and use this one instead. Both are on all the block-lists though.
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