So, they finally did give me access, follow me on this wonderful adventure 😀

They say these secrets are made up from a mix of different training data. Still a bit disconcerting to see...

I feel like copilot and I really have the same philosophy on life.

You know that feeling when you're getting ready and you're getting ready and you're getting ready and you're getting ready and you're getting ready and you're getting ready and....

Copilot seems to like suggesting *likely* APIs. reqwest::Request does not exist and never has. Also anonymous structures are not allowed in Rust. It seems to be mixing Rust with Javascript.

With golang, it at least uses APIs which are valid, but it seems to have forgotten the "and then print it to the console" part.

Me: Isn't there something you're missing?
Copilot: Ahhh yes, a lying comment!

Copilot doesn't know any Little Willie rhymes. It knows Robert Frost though...

Copilot is practically a senior C developer, its code is:
1. Impenetrably complicated
2. Segfaults when you run it

2 points, it did that all from the comment, it suggested the camelCase function name.

Deduct 1 point for the bug but 1 extra point for getting it past me.

Hahaha it knows if you're writing python you'd better stick to SublimeText. Still no love for vscode.

Vim users, Golang developers, you are considered to be a match.
How does that make you feel ?

But for people who only know how to write comments in Rust, it's Sublime Text 😂

Copilot feels like just basically plain old GPT-3, with all the good and the bad - except that it is able to do the syntax of popular languages.

@cjd have you tried to write a "doesInputHalt" function?

So umm, this happened...
(All I gave it was the comment and function definition)

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I think you got the function backwards. It's in fact fairly easy to return true it the program halts, you just interpret the program and then return true. Returning false if it doesn't, that's the hard one.

@cjd duh, just use the one you have and invert it
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