Basically, every app on at least one operating system that wants you to use it instead of macOS starts by displaying a warning when launched from terminal and folks are just OK with that?

My issue isn’t with the bug itself. Bugs happen. I’m the proud daddy of many of the little critters myself.

My issue is with all of the “ignore it” messages I’m seeing as I try to find a solution to it so my app doesn’t launch with a “fuck you” to the person using it.

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Also a lot of times you're the programmer and you actually want to silence the warning because you're aware of the issue and it's not a problem, but the developer of the library thinks it is IMPOSSIBLE that anyone could ever have that warning and not require immediate attention of the end user (who I guess is supposed to harass the developer to do something?)


When I want to use a lib and I see it "projecting it's creator's politics" on me, I don't even open an issue, I just whack the fork button.

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@cjd Problem is, you can’t maintain a fork of every library and every tool out there.

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