How you think democracy works: People elect enlightened individuals to lead the country, representing their interests.

How democracy actually works:
Nobody really cares until the state starts oppressing them, and then they elect crazy people so the govt will become mired in discussions of the shape of the earth and whether people actually went to the moon.

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You take away our rights? We're going to make you debate conspiracy theories. Capeesh?

Note to the pedantic: I know that "democracy" doesn't mean representative republic. Unfortunately (thanks Plato) republic doesn't either, so neither word is perfect but both are reasonably close.

Populists make these fire-breathing speeches and people are all astonished like "how can anyone vote for them?!"

You don't get it. Your govt is considered adversarial, that politician is being used as a weapon, and their lack of grip on reality indicates they're fit for purpose

@cjd Has an anarchist ever laid out a plan to prevent government? That seems like the ele-donkey in the room.


I also came to believe that people at large actually don't want to be bothered with politics details.

Make things ok for them (and prevent them feeling a change in day-to-day live) and people with mostly look away.

Change in mind ant voting preference does occur, but slowly, and hardly in the short window of electoral campaigns.


Sorry for the typos... Will read better before posting next time....

I never let correct grammar get in the way of expressing my opinion :D

@christian_zerfass @cjd Who do you mean with "people"? All of them or just people like you?
(Go think who actually belongs to "all people", in your mind and in reality)

@carl @cjd

That's for sociologists to systematise, also to which category I myself belong in which context. Some topics I am better informed, some I don't have an overview.

There is however a level of (not always specifically directed) distrust, and unsatisfying transparency that remains unchallenged.

@cjd insanity doesn't conflict with capitalist interests. Caring does.

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