" is forcing its Muslim minority to wear state-issued tracking devices while they perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. A whole new terrifying level of surveillance"


Opinion: Picture

"Another French Icarus flying too close to the sun? Approval rating of has collapsed from 64% in Jun2017 to 29% following softer-than exp growth, only moderate job gains & misbehaviour of his bodyguard. Berenberg expects Macron's reform agenda not to suffer Icarus’s fate."


Someone bigger than Trump, POTUS meets with Prime Minister of at . We ready to make bets on whether Georgia will join ?


Little more detail on *why* the yield on the US treasury is of such significance. Long but very interesting article about the history of the interest rate swap (there are 1.4 QUADRILLION $ of these things outstanding, banks are in over their heads...)


Also credit twitter.com/paulraymondz/statu for the image.

No links this time because this is too political, everything you read online is crafted to guide your opinion.

But here, have a newly-wed gay couple, apparently having a good time. Romanian Facebook is awash in this stuff:

In , currently ruled by PSD party (which is known for and connections to former soviet elite) campaign has been launched to change the constitution in order to make sure that gay marriage will never be legal.

There is speculation this referendum is designed to distract attention from a referendum to prevent convicted criminals from holding political office, significant to Romania's problem.

Campaign is surprisingly well organized w/ Facebook memes (picture)

Latest poll from Germany: Far-right AfD above centre-left Social Democrats (SPD). CDU/CSU with very weak 28%.

src: twitter.com/marceldirsus/statu

Western elites trapped in a Tragedy of the Commons, none accept to suffer for their mismanagement of the economy, but when the common people are made suffer, they will elect populist demagogues who will lay waste to the fortunes of all.

Attitudes in shifting in an anti-european direction. Mélonchon is hard left, LePen is hard right, both anti-EU.


I've heard of pro traders automatically trading against the advice of Paul Krugman, because the only time he pumps a stock is when his people need someone to buy their trash.

Afghan rapper Paradise Sorouri nearly killed when assaulted by 10 men for not wearing a still fights for women's rights with her music.

They burned my face in the name of Islam.

(src: twitter.com/ASJBaloch/status/1 )

Erdogan approving Erdogan nominating Erdogan as the chairman of the sovereign fund worth $200 billion. Signed - .
(src: pbs.twimg.com/media/DnI95D9WwA )

Today I did something I have not done in 3 years, I bought new shoes! I'm not much of a consumer but for something that's probably going to be in my feet every day of the next 3 years, I take it seriously... mastodon.social/media/G9Ug-3Uj

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