I wouldn't be surprised
Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel, predicts Eric Raymond

Happening in plain sight with Proton, WSL and Edge-for-Linux, says open source advocate


Why is it that some, but not all, text in Libreoffice looks fuzzy?
I'm using OSX but IIRC this is also a thing on Linux. Is this fixable ?

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If this hits the news cycle, could become quite the story...


Chinese Virologist Says She Has Scientific Proof That COVID-19 Was Made In A Chinese Govt Lab At Wuhan

The epicentre of the pandemic, Wuhan, happens to be the global epicentre of bat coronavirus research


It amuses me that OSI is all but dead, and now has become effectively a teaching tool for explaining the TCP/IP model, which defeated it.

Long haul trucking - engines - environment 

Right now, we're in a weird period. Truckers (often independent owner-operators for whom a breakdown or two can mean personal bankruptcy) are hanging on to their old trucks for dear life. They even go so far as to put old engines into new trucks because they are terrified of the emissions tech leaving them at the side of the road.

Note the unusually large "hot rod" exhaust stacks on the truck in the picture, also note lack of side mufflers.

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Looks like I'm a centrist...

@redchrision bravely presenting GDPR and The Case For Decentralized Social Media at with no slides, while the tech team disassembles and debugs the video recording and output hardware

Trying to follow fediverse drama from a server which blocks half the network

Use case for Stamps: you stake some stamps to show that you're Not That Bad, but then if you upset someone, they can burn your stake by burning the same amount of their own money...

Ford insignia and it's an LPG burner. Definitely not actually old...

License plate was it their choice or is that just the way things are ? You decide...

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