Trying to follow fediverse drama from a server which blocks half the network

Use case for Stamps: you stake some stamps to show that you're Not That Bad, but then if you upset someone, they can burn your stake by burning the same amount of their own money...

Ford insignia and it's an LPG burner. Definitely not actually old...

License plate was it their choice or is that just the way things are ? You decide...

Possible end-run on the "don't prohibit what you cannot forbid", introduce a machine-readable "pledge" (e.g. this_server_deletes_data_permanently_when_asked) which if someone makes an instance which does not make the pledge, people can choose whether to share their data with it. If someone makes an instance which *lies* and makes a fake pledge, GDPR supervisory authority will not have much difficulty establishing bad faith. By @redchrision

Probably one of the first attempts at interpreting the application of the in in context of the fediverse by @redchrision .

product review - fitbit 

product review - fitbit 

slightly #nsfw 

#chromebook experiences 

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