Don't blame tech for bill gates being bill gates

Can't believe what woodcoin mining is doing to the price of lumber, this is outrageous

Reminded of the old IRC botnet where all of the bots have girl-name + low-2-digit-number

After a bunch of reorganizing and a little bit of downtime, the data-corner looks quite a bit nicer.
2 of the 3 rack servers are just decoration until more hosepipe and clamps arrive, but that's how everything will look.

Why put a water cooled server upside-down ?
Because if a few drips of water leak from a bad fitting, they'll leak on the lid instead of the motherboard. 💯

These are what you might call Hillbilly Hoseclamps (we ran out of proper clamps, they're on order)

Next time I'm spec'ing a protocol with a 3-way handshake, I'm totally doing this...

No one person has had a bigger impact on promoting cryptocurrency.

That face: "Oh.. ****... Well, we're about to find out if the backups are ok."

Hmm, first time I was actually affected by DRM being disabled in FF.
And it was a crappy news-rag trying to run some auto-play. Nothing lost so far.

Anyone know HOW the EverGiven managed to drive headlong into the side of the Suez ?
Lemme guess, computer glitch?

If you're actually trying to communicate with a person, you're ready to meet a person where they are.

Thing is, a lot of people think they're trying to communicate but they're not, they're just trying to show off that they know things.

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