Any project managers out there who want to do more and more to promote free, open and lower cost internet? A company I work for is hiring.

Boosts appreciated.

Something I never expected was the social effects of a crypto mining algorithm which gets easier to mine when miners work together.

The difficulty just crossed over 1mn for the second time and this time seems to be holding.

The three major pools are running between 3 and 10Gb each by their records.

community member @raviteja33 just posted this on , mining PacketCrypt on an old phone 🎉

network difficulty just crossed over 200k. We're hovering around 600Mb/s and 83mn encryptions-per-second. source:

At long last, finally a document explaining the network project & vision. Dare I say "whitepaper" ?

What should the fork of LND (Lightning Network Daemon) be called?
Changes are pretty significant so it would be a bit confusing to keep calling it LND...

In the project explorer, just saw the first blocks from a mining pool which I've no clue who is running it.
Their main address has mewu in it so for now I'm calling it MewPool. 😸

Ahead of election, govt reportedly forcing ISPs to block T and FB

Centralized social media has dangerous power over pub opinion, but govt with control of the internet will inevitably find that power irresistible.
Need to both social & net.

A team funded by the Network Steward is working on developing a version of the CryptoAuth code and then beginning to migrate to BoringTun (WireGuard protocol).

I just finished re-working the CryptoAuth tests to run on both implementations at the same time.

The project is about putting infrastructure ownership in the community.
* Open source protocols
* Changeable crypto key, not static IMEI
* Decentralized bandwidth marketplace to bring infrastructure funding into communities
* Everything encrypted

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Just did a radio interview w/ Ernest Hancock and the recording is up:

We discussed:
* Decentralizing internet infrastructure
* Bandwidth marketplace
* Bandwidth-hard mining => Incentivizing network infrastructure rollout

1031 files changed, 23258 insertions(+), 25291 deletions(-)

LND merged into the develop branch of source tree. Lightning Network here we come...

You know what's amazing? Wholesale wheat trades for less than 6 USD per bushel. A bushel is over 26 KG, think of how much bread that makes.
If you want to make something plentiful, the best way seems to be commoditization.

Just released v1.0.0 of explorer backend.
This uses ClickHouse materialized views to do real time computation of complex analyses like:
* Richest addresses
* Most profitable miners
* Income per day for each address
Where is your mongod now? 😋

With the new version of pktd just released, now I need to look at my 75 open pull requests.

I've got some great people working with me on this project.

My poor server used to be 100% CPU all day long, now it's practically idle. Soon it will be time for the network to start growing again.

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