@dansup @Clipsey wow this place still exists... ehh if you wanna have a conversation get on irc

@2ferdi7 And the worker says "oh shit, you're right ! Thanks for looking out for me"

@jasper I think the American viewpoint on this is Europeans haven't changed that much in the past 80 years, hatred for Jews has just morphed into more palatable "concern for Palestinians" and if ever America stepped away, WW2 would repeat itself. The sheer level of attention paid to this particular conflict, given it's scale, provides a hint:

@jasper hahaha
> Deletion of millions of [dirty argumentation tricks to try to discredit entire article based on arguably insensitive comment]

Iran known for using terrorism to intimidate European countries, word on the street is they're afraid to stop the nuclear deal now for fear of A Nasty Accident...

Personal opinion: Europeans are so massively anti-semetic that they'll believe just about anything Iranian propaganda says about Israel.

" is forcing its Muslim minority to wear state-issued tracking devices while they perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. A whole new terrifying level of surveillance"


Opinion: Picture

@trwnh @cwebber @aral @ekaitz_zarraga @Shamar
I'm thinking at some point in history, you simply could not connect a device to the telephone system without it having been approved by the ITU. Picture is an acoustic coupler modem, a legal hack around the problem...

JPMorgan Now Expects Trump to Put Tariffs on Absolutely Everything China Sells to the U.S.

"JPMorgan has adopted a new baseline that assumes a U.S.-China endgame involving 25% U.S. tariffs on all Chinese goods in 2019"

"growth forecasts for both the U.S. and China aren’t much affected"

Opinion: Elephant in the room: Who is cooking their books (worse) ?


I would say more or less out of the

"Beijing will not renew significant cuts on steel production and coal use this winter ... regulators are replacing hard caps on coal use and steel production with less stringent targets, weakening draft guidelines put out in August"


@cwebber @aral @ekaitz_zarraga @Shamar
In some way, it's a wonderful time to be alive, because we don't HAVE to get our protocols accepted by the W3C before we can use them. It wasn't always like this.

@Wolf480pl @rysiek @rmxr @adz
Actually better to rate particular decisions, but then whoever makes up the questionnaire gets significant power to guide decisions :S

@Wolf480pl @rysiek @rmxr @adz
Definitely... e-harmony for politicians... Rate a bunch of older politicians and it draws a pretty graph connecting things you care about to politicians you're currently voting on :)

@adz @rysiek @rmxr
Can that be measured ? Being in Europe I don't see much of what happens in the states, just I don't notice new laws to ban internet free speech, ban encryption, weird crazy copyright, etc..

@rysiek @rmxr @adz

One model would be to flag politicians who are discredited:
Clinton -> Drug war, prisons, waco
Bush -> 911, Patriot act, Iraq
Obama -> 2008 bank bailout, foreclosure crisis/bonanza

Then use force directed graphing based on same campaign donors, same university/frat, same family & pick the more distant.

Depending on how you rated Clinton, that algorithm likely to pick Trump over Hillary, but maybe that's a rational decision...

@rysiek @rmxr @adz
FWIW Team Trump is (so far) not giving in to crappy police who demand infinite powers.
We'd probably have much better politics if we got good at adding up costs & benefits then switching every time someone makes a slightly better offer...
However, evaluating "better" is tricky & people are highly Brand Loyal.

"The bond market has voted on the Italian budget. It said no."


Analysis: Bond yields rising means fewer people want to lend to Italy. It's kind of like the stock price of Italy going down. Everybody knows the ECB is secretly buying up Italian debt with printed €€, perhaps they are behind the yield spike, hard to know...

Prediction: Next election cycle they're going to get chucked out on their butts.
Opinion: I have concerns about the moral maturity of the challengers.

France freezes Iranian [intelligence service] assets over Paris bomb plot said thwarted by Mossad


7 days ago: "EU Member States will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with ."


Opinion: EU elite apparently so obsessively anti-Trump & anti-Israel that they will rather do business with an actual rogue state which takes their money and uses it to bomb Europeans.

@aral @hntooter To the general idea of "lets all just work together instead of competing", I also have a reaction b/c I used to work in research. We had partners who were BAD, they wrote code which was a hideous monstrosity of FactoryManagers, in 1 minute I could verify that nobody would EVER willingly use it. But they had religious attachment to it, if we didn't PRETEND to be using it, it was a personal insult and would create political problems. They used to say exactly this.

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