@Wolf480pl Consider the case of bitcoin, you might have a table of transactions which is going to be huge -- then you want a table of utxos so that you know what's unspent, you can do a query over the entire history of transactions in order to get the utxo set but you really don't want to do that very often.
A declarative language like SQL seems ideal for avoiding bugs, but it need to be able to transform updates from the table to the view...

/ :
Is there any db where you can make a materialized view which is automatically updated when the underlying table is but WITHOUT completely redoing the query from scratch ?

> If every Bitcoin transaction included a fee equal to the energy and amortized hardware cost required to complete, verify, and record it, I'm not convinced Bitcoin would be any cheaper than conventional banking with all its political, regulatory, and personnel overhead.

> The underlying design must enable a user experience that does not invite the ghost of Steve Jobs to appear in my dreams and berate me.

( adamierymenko.com/decentraliza )

@sebsauvage @Wolf480pl
I have no idea when ezcrypt was first put together, the domain was registered in 2011-03-29 but I think NK registered it and held it because I don't think we were working on it until 2012...

@sebsauvage @Wolf480pl
Oh interesting, I didn't know FreeNet was using the fragment, but then I probably spent more time reading about their routing algorithm than testing the implementation...

@Wolf480pl @sebsauvage
According to the git history, it looks like they were created within days of eachother. Just my memory was after we had the idea of doing that and we got ezcrypt up and working, suddenly there was a newspaper article about zerobin. Anyway, CryptPad took the technology another great step forward.

Argh, that reference makes me cringe because novaking and I used it first in ezcrypt but @sebsauvage was better at making it known... BTW Seb, did you know about ezcrypt when you did zerobin?

But anyway no, it would be better for the browser to do the decryption so you don't have to trust the js.

Oh indeed (silly me)... so I guess it should be a key in the URL itself so that href tags can contain it as well...

Unfortunately, DDoS is such a reality right now that if you're hosting anything even marginally controversial, you need to either use a massive hosting provider (OVH, Amazon, Google), hide your IPs behind CF, or ideally both.

@danielst @Wolf480pl
You're asking to filter some people into tech and others into politics, but how many people actually just talk only about one topic ever ?
If you have someone who sometimes wants to talk about tech and other times about politics, in the end you're back to chat rooms.

Being able to encrypt form posts and key-stretch passwords on the client would also be great. Of course these things are possible now with js, but it would be nice if they were standards...

Ya know what'd be great ?
An HTML/HTTP extension for encrypted (at rest) resources. Exact same thing as subresource integrity except instead of checking a hash, it decrypts.

As it stands, everyone's forced to choose between letting their TLS be MiTM'd or having no caching and exposure to DDoS.

As I watch the mastoverse slowly but surely devolving into a proper dumpsterfire, it occurs to me that things aren't going to get any better until we all agree this follow+timeline experiment has failed and go back to rooms/groups/lists.

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ethics-based licenses 

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