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There was a dub of "Gangsta Paradise" with the following lyrics:
"A private corporation holds our economy hostage while fossil fuels are polluting the air and making it toxic. Watch it, you'll be dead like the grateful if you believe Fox News kleenex and ducttape will save you. But my soul won't be saved by monopolies or posse comitatus they're taxing our private property, so join me, don't file for income taxes fuck the IRS freedom will not become facist...."

In defense of capitalism 

In defense of capitalism 

In defense of capitalism 

To End Poverty, Increase Access to Energy - Concern about climate change has unintended consequences for the most impoverished countries

"It’s tempting to romanticize rural, subsistence living, but those fantasies are a luxury of people who aren’t poor."

"Another French Icarus flying too close to the sun? Approval rating of has collapsed from 64% in Jun2017 to 29% following softer-than exp growth, only moderate job gains & misbehaviour of his bodyguard. Berenberg expects Macron's reform agenda not to suffer Icarus’s fate."

"The DNC has so much debt that it cannot orchestrate anything nationally. The Democratic political machine is separated by individual billionaire donors. The RNC on the other hand is flush with cash and has slightly less direct sway from billionaire donors, but its still there."

Schrödinger’s Senate Hearing (USPOL) 

, truck drivers on strike

"Reports indicate state police has to this day arrested 53 truck drivers"

"Explosion in airport. I can smell gunpowder."

As soon as gets money in their pocket 🤦‍♂️


USA politics 

“She refers to them as ‘merciless’, putting ‘feelings above facts’ and being obsessed with their imperfections… ‘we deserve the millennials.’”
Blame parents for ‘snowflake’ millennials, says author Fay Weldon

Interesting take: "Weirdly, I think both Dems and GOP are better off in midterms if they *lose* on Kavanaugh. The base rage on either side if they lose will be apocalyptic."

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