trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary ppl are whatever they want to be, and if you think differently find a different website

@cjwyoming Non binary people are FABULOUS! I should know, I'm married to one 😊❤️💜💟

@cjwyoming are you referring to finding a different instance on the fedi? Because this isn't just a website :blobpats:

@cjwyoming My brother is gay, and he doesn't understand me identifying as pansexual, he thinks that it's the same as bi-sexual, because there are only two genders.

It's hard to have the conversation with him because he unintentionally invalidates my own identity and triggers me and I don't know how to word what I am saying the right way so he can understand what I mean.

I'm also borderline, so that may be part of my identity crisis. Inside I feel like a demon and a goddess at the same time.

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