@cjwyoming As a geologist this offends me. The sandy loam silt loam boundary is at 60% sand NOT 50% sand. Do you think we are imbeciles?

Has big sand been paying your bills again? Pathetic.

I will be blocking, reporting, and doxxing.

@Excuse_haver @cjwyoming wouldn't big sand want to make sure the numbers of their sand were at least 70-80% in the stats?

@demonsthenes13 @cjwyoming Common misconception! The lower the % of sand in Sandy Loam, the cheaper it is to make. Sand is the biggest expense in the cut throat international Sandy Loam market. Chinese Sandy Loam is set at 40% sand, very cheap, dangerous to consumers!

@Excuse_haver @cjwyoming Well if I'm paying good money for my stats, I'm not telling facts, sir...I'm getting the best stats for my money

@demonsthenes13 @cjwyoming Exactly, Big Sand making up their own science mean while reghular americans are hurt every day by these dispiccable practices.

@cjwyoming Picturing a Who's On First sketch about the difference between sandy loam and loamy sand.

@cjwyoming ae yeah u kno ive got that big loam energy

@cjwyoming My name is Sandy Clay Loam and I play piano on this cruise ship.

@cjwyoming ok I wanna know how you know this because I just took an IAAO land pricing class recently and I just...I don’t know why I’m seeing this on here

@cjwyoming I’m 10% loam
20% sand
15% concentrated power of silt

This is 10% sand
20% clay
15% concentrated power of silt
5% more clay
50% more sand
100% reason to be sandy clay loam

@cjwyoming can't decide between silty clay loam and sandy clay loam tbh


20/80/50 is the loamiest number

I'm feeling very loam today

@cjwyoming The clay/sand/silt triangle is something I see resurface every few months and it makes me smile every time.

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