banksy is proof that capitalism will accept and love protest art as long as it doesnt protest anything meaningful

@cjwyoming capitalism will love absolutely anything someone can figure out how to make a profit off of. Full stop.

@cjwyoming You ever see a documentary called "Exit Through The Gift Shop"? It's a really excellent piece about the commodification of "street art".
Banksy has an interview in it. Shepard Fairey's in it, too, if I remember right.

@cjwyoming Ah, OK. Can't believe I forgot that. It's been a few years since I've seen that. That one dude who basically buys himself fame and a career, you know the one... he really stuck in my craw.

@cjwyoming critiques of capitalism are ok as long as you don't suggest any alternative, because supposedly "there is no alternative".

@cjwyoming idk, meaningful protest doesn't seem any harder to commercialise tbh

@cjwyoming Yes and no.

I'm not big on Banksy, and I find ingenious art for the most part ineffective, but I think the most celebrated paintings we see in the media are those that the liberals have carefully curated as "nice".
But every now and then, there's one like this one found recently in Paris, that may be a bit too much for the bloody centrists.


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