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yelling "this aint it chief" at my GPS when I'm taking a shortcut it doesn't know about

what do they put in deodorant that makes it taste so damn good

i apparently have 1.5K followers on this account? i thought i deleted it lol

does anyone have that tool for sending messages to your followers when you migrate?

begging for money, mh (-) 

Just to be clear, the person in question isn't my abuser. They're an abuser of some of my friends, which in my eyes makes it worse that I can't speak out

So a mod just threatened to ban me if I didn't take down a post calling out a known abuser so I'm probably going to migrate when I get home b/c it's clear that .social is not committed to making people feel safe

I got to class way early so I'm just sitting outside the building listening to white dudes mansplaining politics to bored girls

ive never been to a jimmy johns and honestly they intimidate me a bit

don't know how i got onto this but i feel like that people in "open relationships" or whatever are the kind of people who place their own sexual pleasure above anything else and that really makes me uncomfortable

i automatically assume that, if you say you're in a poly relationship, you're the kind of person who donates to Erica Moen's patreon

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