@alexshendi Do you have a decent overall description of anywere? I pull together bits and pieces but I miss an authorative source of information

@ckeen @alexshendi I have been somewhat involved in GNU APL, and I can definitely relate to the issues of learning it. There really isn't a single source of information that isn't focusing on Dyalog specifically.

Is there something specific that you want to know that I could assist with?

@alexshendi @ckeen the spec isn't very good for learning the language. In fact, even if you know it it can be really annoying to read.

@loke @ckeen

Do you know how to configure a German keyboard for use with GNU APL? OS is Debian 9.4. Many thanks in advance.

@alexshendi @loke You can use a modified .XCompose filelike the one distributed in GNU APL

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