is there a gnu social / mastodon mirror for the openbsd cvs bot?

@ckeen omg, I'm so sorry... I guess I didn't use CVS since gnome 1.4, back then I contributed some code, but... have you thought about migrating the versioning system? maybe you find bots for other VCS

@eazel7 No, the versioning system the OpenBSD project uses is beyond my control. On the birdsite is a bot that tweets commits and I wondered whether there's a gnu social equivalent. If not I should be able to whip one up :)

@ckeen I was about to suggest to use a bridge for the CVS, but if there's a bridge for the messages, go ahead with that. I've seen a cross-posting tool for that

@eazel7 Yes, just the messages. The project maintains a (now) official git mirror on github.

@canadianbryan @ckeen I hated CVS, and I guess the effect doesn't wear off after more than a decade

@canadianbryan @ckeen I should add Mastodon support to that, but not been feeling up to computering after work recently

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